Oceanic Systems Tankgeber und Raymarine Lighthouse 3.9 Software für die Tankinhaltanzeige

Hier die Meldung von Oceanic Sytems für die NMEA2000 Tankgeber 3271 und Raymarine Axiom Plotter mit der aktuellen Software Lighthouse 3.9:


Raymarine Axiom Now Fully Supports Oceanic’s Volumetric Fuel Senders

Raymarine’s latest LightHouse software upgrade release now fully supports Oceanic Systems‘ Fuel Sender Volumetric output and tank shape calibration!

LightHouse Annapolis 3.9 software has just been released which can now calibrate and display Oceanic’s Fuel Sender Volumetric data. This means the user can know exactly how much fuel they have on board no matter what shape their tank is.

This AXIOM software release allows installer or user to input their volumetric calibration information directly into the AXIOM and display the fuel remaining in the tank rather than just its level for greatest accuracy.
The 3271 Volumetric Fuel Sender provides accurate measurement and is switch settable to display the remaining fuel as either LEVEL or VOLUMETRIC output.

It measures the tank level in 1% steps and provides a stilling action to dampen out fuel slosh in the tank to maximise accuracy when conditions are rough or the boat is travelling quickly.

Proven reliability – Over 10,000 installed worldwide
Easy to install and calibrate
Tank depths from 250mm to 2 metres
Can be cut to the exact length required
Robust stainless steel construction
NMEA2000® Certified

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